PawFax started with a very noble goal: to prevent puppy buyers from buying a puppy from a puppy mill, and to innovate the puppy registration market with a focus on pet health.

The Registration market today is antiquated

Our founder John Cantlin saw first hand how bad this market is. He founded a dog breeder business that would connect puppy buyers to responsible dog breeders. The problem was that bad breeders, brokers and puppy mills took over the market. The worst part, some of the worst dog breeders look like the best and most ethical online.

Our founder envisioned a different kind of process, a puppy registration that required proof of a puppies’ health that integrates modern technology and transparency before a registration number is assigned. No longer can people be scammed online, or receive a puppy from a puppy mill if they use breeders that register their puppies with PawFax.

About PawFax

Founded in 2019, PawFax is the world's most innovative
breeder network & puppy registration company.

Best of all — peace of mind

Transparency matters. It’s only fair to the puppy buyer that they know everything about a puppy’s health, where it came from, and who they are working with. The PawFax system uncovers any red flags before a customer completes the final steps with a breeder.

We set the standard. It’s too easy to launch a dog breeding business. Unfortunantly, the barriers of entry to this market is extremely low, with no true accreditation for dog breeders.

Other registration companies are scared of PawFax. It’s well known that the leading dog registration company lobbies against laws that prevent puppy mills in the united states. 80% of the AKC revenue is directly from puppy mills. View More

We are hardcore but for great reasons. PawFax actively listens to this market; we are consistently evolving our breeder vetting to prevent new tactics puppy mills are developing to sell puppies online.

``It's truly a shame that ethical dog breeders have to pay the price for the rising number of puppy mills. It shouldn't be this way together we can set things right.``

We are a momentum-based business that thrives off of our customers. They drive us to work harder and more efficiently than any other organization in the space. This industry should have little room for error, and the PawFax team and community will revolutionize this market with a focus on health and customer success.