Step 1
You Order A PawFax Report
Ording a PawFax is simple and easy on our platform. It's the first step to finding a healthy puppy.
Step 2
Give Perspective Breeder the PawFax Slip
After you have ordered a PawFax puppy kit, we will send you the required information for the breeder.
Step 3
We start our investigation
At this step, you may sit back and relax as the PawFax team will be contacting the dog breeder and completing our background check. Ensuring they are not a scam or puppy mill.
Step 4
PawFax Health Exam
We require the dog breeder to use our Proprietary Extensive Health Exam from a certified, licensed veterinarian. Eliminating the chances of insufficient health checks.
Step 5
Veterinary Approval
We will work with the Veterinarian only to verify the results. This step prevents any opportunity of misleading the puppy's health results. You deserve to know any issues that the puppy might have.
Step 6
Registration Number Assigned
This step is the most exciting. Your puppy has been proven healthy and deemed safe to take home. PawFax will issue a Registration number and health certificate.
Step 7
Make Memories
Congratulations! You will now receive your PawFax puppy kit.

The Process That Is Shaking Up The Industry


Breeder Verification

PawFax will complete our proprietary breeder background and vetting system to sniff out any puppy mills, brokers or scams.

Pack Leading Health Exam

Your puppy will undergo the most extensive health exam on the market. Developed by seasoned veterinarians and not dog breeders.

Veterinary Approval

We work with certified and licensed Veterinarians directly so that no information is left out.

PawFax Registration

After the breeder qualifies and passes our vetting system he may register his puppy with PawFax.

Ready to take the first step?