There is no reason to gamble on your puppies’ health. Allow us to do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

PawFax takes many steps into ensuring that you are not working with a puppy mill or deceptive dog breeder. Beyond dog breeder vetting, one of the most crucial elements of our process is the health of the puppy. You want to know the health beforehand from a trusted and licensed veterinarian.

What Is The PawFax Exam?

The PawFax Health Exam is your first layer of protection before you take home your new puppy. We have designed it to include more items than any other health check on the market. This is to give as many opportunities as possible to uncover any issues the puppy may have. You as a puppy buyer deserve to know if any physical issues or hidden issues are present with your new puppy. This health exam does not do blood work and will only check for physical issues related to the puppy.

What if my breeder does health checks?

The PawFax team has designed this health check to cover more items then the standard breeder’s health check. It’s very common that some breeders will in-fact do a health exam but leave out critical elements that they know will fail inspection. 

How does this process prevent scams?

With the PawFax health exam and veterinary approval, the puppy needs to be seen and to match the description of the puppy you are purchasing. This means this process eliminates 100% of online puppy scams. We never recommend purchasing a puppy from a breeding operation that is strictly online, but if you decide on it, ask if they offer PawFax reports on their puppies. If not, move onto the next!

Our Veterinary Approval process

PawFax works with third-party veterinarians directly to prevent forged signatures or less than perfect health checks. We will verify that the veterinarian has completed our exam and get a signature approving that that puppy is suitable for adoption. If anything does arise, we will let you know immediately. 

Pack Leading Health Exam

PawFax Health Exam

Designed By Industry Experts

Kristen S.
- DVM Board Advisor
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- DVM Board Advisor
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- DVM Board Advisor
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- DVM Board Advisor