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How it Works?

Thousands of puppy buyers trust breeders that use the PawFax system. Our breeders are transparent when others are not.



Customers are looking for dog breeders that offer the PawFax system.


More Customers

Breeders that offer the PawFax have a 50% conversion rate on puppy buyers.



When you are a PawFax verified breeder we will promote you to our 150,000+ monthly puppy buyers


Value Of Puppy

PawFax breeders are individuals that show transparency and proof of their operations. You separate yourself from all the bad breeders in this space.

Give your customers what they want the most.


PawFax Report

The PawFax Report gives your customers peace of mind knowing that their future puppy is healthy, and it comes from an excellent place. 

  • Proprietary Vet Health Report
  • Veterinary Verification
  • Nose To Tail Inspection

PawFax Registration

PawFax Puppy Registration is different than other registrations on the market. We do not assign a registration number unless the puppy has been proven healthy and from a credible source.


PawFax Health Certificate

After a puppy has been cleared, we will assign an official verifiable Health Certificate for the puppy. Some customers will frame this as it doubles as a birth certificate.

We Started PawFax For Great Reasons

“Knowing that there are 10,000+ active puppy mills in the United States, motivates us to shut them down by showcasing true, hardworking, and ethical dog breeders and promoting the hell out of them.”

John Cantlin

– CEO @ PawFax


Breeders That Use PawFax Get More

Close Rate

Our breeders on average close 50% of their puppy inquiries by offering PawFax.

Online Exposure

As a PawFax breeder, you will be listed on our dog breeder network as an ethical and responsible breeder.

More Referrals

The PawFax network is expanding and our customers say with will prefer to not recommend a breeder that does not offer PawFax.

Customer Trust

Breeders that offer trust are the most transparent in the market. Customers know they are only dealing with the best.

Don't Take Our Word For It

"Puppy mills are taking business from us, ethical dog breeders. PawFax gives our customers answers to all the questions they might have. PawFax has been the most beneficial accreditation we have ever received."

Johnathan K.

"I have been a dog breeder for ten years now. Unfortunately, too many back yard breeders are taking over the market. I know how to breed and raise the best puppies. PawFax gave me more opportunities to showcase my experience."

Jennifer S.