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Our mission is to ensure that you are successful in raising your new puppy. That’s why we designed the worlds best Wellness Plan for your new best friend.


Unlike pesky insurance companies that make it very complicated to file and submit a claim, we streamline this process to provide the fastest reimbursements in the industry!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t take home a puppy within 60 days, we will refund your purchase 100%!

Why A Pet Wellness Plan?

Unlike pet insurance, PawFax Wellness reimburses you for the routine care that you are already doing for your pet. Our pet wellness plans include things like vet visits, grooming, vaccines, and more.
Your pet wellness protection starts immediately after signing up.

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Over 25,000 Happy Families

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“Preferable Pups made our entire process simple and straight to the point. I couldn’t imagine not having my puppy protected with a wellness plan. My claim was reimbursed within 24 hours of submitting it.”

— Lux’s Mom
Saved $2,3000.00

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“My dogs are like my children, and having a wellness plan that protects them and saves us money gives our entire family peace of mind!”

— Sammie’s Mom
Saved $1,3000.00

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“Affordable and customizable plan but most importantly amazing customer service from day one, with a super convenient online claim system.”

— Lucky’s Father
Saved $900.00

What We Cover

Routine Exams*

Preferable Pups Wellness coverage includes all pet wellness exams, routine physical exams and preventative care. Including mobile exams and in-home care as well. Reimbursement is subject to a maximum annual limit as outlined in the membership agreement.

• Annual Exams

• Annual Wellness Exams

• Technician Appointments

• Mobile Exams/In-home Care


New pet parents, we’re looking at you! Preferable Pups Wellness covers routine vaccines and booster shots. Reimbursement is subject to a maximum annual limit as outlined in the membership agreement.

• Bordetella

• Distemper

• Leptospirosis

• Lyme

• Rabies

• All vaccine boosters

• Influenza


• FeLV

Routine Blood Work**

Keep your pet healthy by staying ahead of their health. Wellness coverage includes all routine blood work. Things like standard blood panels, CBC and more. Reimbursement is subject to a maximum annual limit as outlined in the membership agreement.

• Standard blood panels


• Liver panel

• Pancreas panel

• Muscle and bone panel

• Kidney panel

• Thyroid panel

• Pre-dental blood panel

• Heartworm antigen test

Fecal Test

Fecal tests monitor intestinal parasites and irregularities. Preferable Pups Wellness coverage includes routine fecal tests as part of a pet wellness check. Reimbursement is subject to a maximum annual limit as outlined in the membership agreement.

• Fecal parasite tests (w/Giardia)

• Ova & parasite screening

• Fecal analysis

• Centrifugation

• Flotation



Urinalyses monitor kidney and urinary health and are commonly used to diagnose common conditions like urinary tract infections. Preferable Pups Wellness coverage includes urinalysis tests as part of a wellness check. Reimbursement is subject to a maximum annual limit as outlined in the membership agreement.

• Complete urinalysis

• Urine cultures

• All routine urinalysis collection and testing


Flea / Tick / Heartworm

Keep the pests off your pet. Preferable Pups Wellness coverage includes all flea, tick and heartworm medications. Must be FDA or EPA approved.

• All Flea Medications

• All Tick Medications

• All Heartworm Medications



Preferable Pups Wellness covers nail trims, gland expressions, and of course, the standard wash and cut grooming.

• Standard Wash

• Hair Trims/Cuts

• Nail Trims

• Coats Brushing

• Anal Gland Expression


Dental care

Preferable Pups Wellness dental coverage includes professional teeth cleaning & associated expenses. Full dental procedure, anesthesia, oral exam, cleaning, extractions, and Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT).

• Full dental procedure

• Anesthesia

• Oral exam

We cover dogs of all ages

We don’t deny senior dog coverage. We welcome all dogs and puppies six weeks and older, and cover any new conditions for all breeds.

Extremely Fast Reimbursement

Visit your vet and submit your claim and we’ll reimburse you in 24 hours!


What sets us apart?

When it comes to protecting pets, families everywhere trust Preferable Pups Wellness to provide the most comprehensive coverage. Other providers can leave your pet without coverage when they need it the most.

The best pets deserve the best coverage

The best pets deserve the best coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

PawFax Pet Wellness Plans cover your pets’ yearly routine and preventative care expenses, while other pet Insurance Plans offer protection for emergency and catastrophic care related to accidents and illnesses.

Yes! PawFax Wellness plans are available across the USA in every state!

You can choose any veterinarian you prefer with PawFax Pet Wellness Plans, as they operate on a reimbursement model. This means that you will pay for the veterinary services upfront and submit a picture of your receipt to receive reimbursement. We understand that this process can be inconvenient at times, which is why we assure you that we will process your claims within 24 hours, so you won’t have to bear the cost for an extended period.

Immediately! It’s important to note that reimbursement for services by PawFax Wellness is only possible after you have enrolled in our services. Any veterinary expenses incurred before becoming a member of PawFax Wellness will not be eligible for coverage.

Our basic coverage includes a set number of procedures per year, with a maximum limit on reimbursements. However, we also provide supplementary allowances on our premium-tier plans for items such as grooming, flea, tick, heartworm medication, and dental care. For instance, with our Deluxe Plan, you’ll have an annual coverage limit of $200 for grooming services. We will reimburse you up to this limit, and any amount exceeding it will be your responsibility to pay. You can find details on the maximum coverage for each category in our universal membership agreement.

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