PawFax knows good dog breeders and how to sniff out the bad ones.

Did you know that 2.2 million puppy mill dogs are sold each year? Most of the time, puppy buyers think they are adopting from a reputable breeder.

PawFax has over 50 inspection points just to determine the puppies health.

Did you know the average veterinary bill for a puppy mill dog is $5,000.00?

PawFax does all the hard work, so you don't have to.

Proprietary Health Exam

PawFax has over 50 inspection points just to determine the puppies health.

Veterinary Approval

PawFax works closely with certified Veterinarians that we trust to verify that your puppy is healthy before you buy.

Puppy Registration

PawFax Puppy Registration is different than other registrations on the market. We do not assign a registration number unless the puppy has been proven healthy and from a credible source.

Eliminating Puppy Mills

The PawFax system was put into place when puppy buyers needed it the most.

Eliminating Puppy Scams

Puppy scams are on the rise, and we verify everything before you pay the breeder.

Health Guarantees

PawFax only approves dog breeders that have health guarantees in place for their customers. That way, if a problem does arise, the dog breeder is held responsible.

Each PawFax Kit Includes

Free Vet Exam
Puppy Registration

Puppy Buyer

My wife and I used PawFax to look at three different dog breeders. One of them turned out to be an online scam, and the other one was a puppy mill. PawFax saved us time and money finding the perfect dog breeder for us.

Joyce C.

- Maltipoo Owner

Puppy Buyer

I bought a puppy eight years ago online that had Parvo. Unfortunately, the puppy did not pull through. After that, I no longer trusted dog breeders. I worked with PawFax to find another puppy, and he is the best and healthiest puppy. I recommend them to anyone looking for a pup.

Jessica T.

- Labradoodle Owner